lexCo-founder, co-host The Lex & Terry Radio Network

Lex Staley is a 39-year veteran of the radio an music industry with a successful track record both on the management and talent sides of the radio business. Lex developed a reputation in the industry before Lex & Terry for his ability to turn around, once great performing rock and classic rock radio stations, helping them restore the attitude and high market share they once possessed and restoring their lost revenue in the process.

Staley also spent 4 years in Los Angeles as VP of syndication at Album Network doing World Premier’s of new projects from the likes of Van Halen, Bruce Springsteen, Robert Plant, Guns n’ Roses, John Mellencamp and the Black Crowes.

Lex started his career in full at Jacksonville, Fla.-based station, WFYV-FM, where he not only hosted a variety of evening and mid-day shows, ultimately maintaining executive management positions, including music director and program director at WFYV and WCXR Washington DC.

Over the next 10 years, Lex turned WFYV’s ratings fortunes around in two separate programming periods. In 1997, Lex stepped down from his director’s position to concentrate solely on building the market’s dominant morning show Lex & Terry with his partner Terry Jaymes into the nations  new sensation the Lex & Terry Morning Radio Network where it still thrives as one of radio’s best today.

A native of Pittsburgh Pa., Lex currently resides in the Dallas, Texas where the Lex & Terry Radio show originates from 5 days a week